If you’d like robust and powerfully-defined arms, you then have to deal with growing your triceps – the muscle group liable for almost 70% of the scale in your higher arm.

To attain a set of well-built triceps that resemble a horseshoe, it’s essential that you just perceive the intricacies of the triceps’ muscle heads, particularly its typically ignored “medial head.”

On this article, we unveil the perfect medial head triceps workouts and the whole lot else it’s essential to learn about coaching your triceps. 

The triceps brachii (technical identify) are positioned on the again of your arm and are liable for extending your arm on the elbow. They’re the most important muscle group in your arm and are made up of three heads, which is the place it obtained its identify (TRI-cep). These three heads of the triceps embody the , , and .

  • is the most important tricep head. It’s the “interior tricep” positioned on the within of the posterior aspect of your higher arm. It originates on the scapular, simply close to the shoulder joint. The lengthy head is the one tricep head to cross the shoulder joint, as the opposite two heads originate on the humerus (higher arm bone). 
  • is smaller than the lengthy head tricep however significantly greater than the medial tricep. It’s the “outer tricep” positioned on the exterior of the posterior higher arm. Curiously, the lateral head is alleged to be the strongest tricep head because it has the next ratio of quick twitch muscle fibers. 
  • is the least seen and smallest. It’s the “inside tricep,” or higher described because the “center tricep,” positioned on the backside middle of the posterior higher arm. The medial head attaches to the humerus, as does the lateral head, however at a decrease level. It is usually the one tricep head that has the next ratio of sluggish twitch muscle fibers, which makes it an endurance muscle head. Total, it performs an vital function in elbow extension, with and with out resistance.

Whereas the three heads have their very own origin factors, all of them converge and insert into the ulna and fascia of the forearm, simply previous the elbow. Furthermore, all of them play an vital function in elbow extension and stability. 

By way of aesthetics, when all three triceps heads are well-developed, they kind a definite horseshoe form. This symbolizes a well-developed tricep.

Nonetheless, when you’re first beginning out in weightlifting, you do not really want to fear about emphasizing the totally different tricep heads. In case your arms are undeveloped, so long as you do some triceps workouts, you’ll discover good development. In any case, any triceps train will goal all three heads to a point.

However, as you begin to grow to be extra superior, you’ll discover that one head is likely to be extra developed than one other or that your triceps improvement has stagnated. That is whenever you’ll want to begin honing in on how workouts can higher activate particular heads of the triceps.

In order to have totally developed, well-defined, robust triceps muscular tissues, you will need to do varied workouts to focus on every head appropriately. Whereas most workouts will work all three heads, there are workouts that can emphasize the involvement of a selected head based mostly on the motion or coaching variable (i.e. grip place or arm place). This can enable you to improve a tricep head that’s lagging or just hit every yet another totally.

Since this text is in regards to the medial head (we have finished different articles on the lengthy head and lateral head), we are going to now place our consideration on the medial head. 


Under we are going to take a look at the medial head intently after which focus on extra about methods to finest goal it and the way it works with the opposite triceps heads. 

What’s the medial head of the tricep?

The medial head is small however mighty; it stabilizes your elbow and aids in filling out your higher arm so that it’ll look proportionate. It can’t be totally separated from the opposite heads, so that you’ll want to emphasise its involvement with the right medial head triceps workouts.  

The place is the medial head of the triceps?

The medial head lies behind the arm under the lengthy head on the middle simply above the elbow. It is the smallest head of the three and a lot of it’s lined by each the lateral and lengthy heads. 

What does the medial head of the triceps do?

The perform of the medial head is to help within the extension of the forearm on the elbow joint, in addition to stability of the elbow. It additionally helps to create extra higher arm mass, making for a proportional look.

The triceps’ medial head could not appear as vital because the lateral head and the lengthy head in the case of aesthetics and hypertrophy (constructing muscle mass). In any case, the lengthy head and lateral head make up a lot of the triceps and have a lot larger develop potential.

Nonetheless, the function of the medial head is vital. Not solely does it allow extra exact actions, but it surely additionally acts as a bridge between the 2 heads. A stronger medial head will result in a stronger lateral and lengthy head, or stronger triceps on the whole, which implies extra development. 

Furthermore, the medial triceps head is lively with each forearm extension, even with out resistance, in contrast to the lengthy and lateral heads which are primarily solely activated when extending in opposition to resistance.  


Whereas it is not doable to utterly isolate any of the three triceps heads, you’ll be able to emphasize the activation of particular heads to the next diploma with sure triceps workouts. It actually comes all the way down to utilizing totally different grip place, elbow place, and physique place.

As such, there are many workouts that can assist strengthen the medial head and assist to enhance the general mass, power, and look of your tricep muscular tissues.

Be that as it might, it must be famous that the medial head is arguably the toughest of the three triceps heads to emphasize. Not like the lateral head and lengthy head, which could be simpler to “isolate”, the medial head is sometimes activated alongside one other one of many tricep heads…i.e., the emphasis of sure tricep workouts shall be ‘Lengthy Head & Medial Head’ or ‘Lateral Head & Medial Head’.  

What’s extra, the medial head is often extra lively at sure factors in a tricep train or compound pushing actions, moderately than the complete time. 

In any case, you’ll be able to nonetheless alter tricep workouts to position probably the most doable emphasis on the medial head, and right here’s how you are able to do that…


There are two essential methods to focus on the medial head of the tricep:

On high of that, it’s essential to take into consideration the muscle fibers. The medial head is made up of extra sluggish twitch muscle fibers than quick twitch, in contrast to the opposite two heads, which implies it responds higher to greater reps. So, by performing medial tricep head workouts in , you’ll be able to higher exhaust the medial head.

Whatever the above methods, the tricep workouts will work two or extra of the tricep heads, however you’ll be putting emphasis on the medial head just by utilizing the above variables. 

The medial tricep workouts on this article, and the advisable rep ranges, are based mostly on the above factors, which is why we are able to label them as The Greatest Medial Head Tricep Workouts. 

Earlier than we get into the workouts slightly below, for reference,  :

Reverse Grip Impartial Grip Overhand Grip
Elbows to the aspect Elbow to the aspect Elbows up 
Excessive reps Low to excessive reps Low to excessive reps


    These are the ten finest tricep medial head workouts to strengthen the medial head and assist within the total power and measurement of your triceps.

    1. Reverse Grip Cable Pushdown

    The cable machine triceps pressdown is without doubt one of the most typical workouts you will see individuals do for an arm exercise. This variation of the tricep pressdown (aka triceps pushdown) emphasizes the medial head of triceps as a result of it retains your elbows at your sides and makes use of an underhand grip. Moreover, most individuals discover the underhand grip locations much less stress on the elbows. 

    1. Connect the bar attachment (Straight or e-z) to a excessive pulley machine.
    2. Stand dealing with the bar attachment and seize the bar with the palms dealing with up. Your grip must be shoulder width.
    3. Holding your elbows at your sides, higher arms stationary, and ft shoulder-width aside, decrease the bar till your sides totally prolong your arms.  Your elbows and higher arms ought to stay by your aspect all through the train, and solely your forearms ought to transfer.
    4. Then start to slowly elevate the bar attachment up in the direction of your chest whereas inhaling. That is one rep.

    Greatest rep vary: 15-20 reps with a weight load that brings you to or close to failure. 

    2. Dumbbell or Barbell Reverse Grip Press

    This is a giant compound motion that works many higher physique muscular tissues, however the primary movers are your chest and triceps. 

    The reverse grip does two issues, it takes stress off your shoulder muscular tissues and shoulder joints (and elbow joint) and locations extra emphasis on the triceps and higher pecs.

    For the triceps, it’s significantly efficient for the medial head. 

    All in all, it isn’t a medial head train per se, however it’s improbable for the medial head and it means that you can go comparatively heavy, which is nice for hypertrophy and power. 

    We advocate doing this train firstly of your triceps exercise, because it requires extra power, being that it’s a compound motion. 

    Word: You are able to do this train with a barbell or dumbbells. 

    Right here’s methods to carry out the dumbbell reverse grip:

    1. With a dumbbell in every hand, you’ll grasp the dumbbells with palms dealing with your face. This grip is just like doing a bicep curl.
    2. You’ll start by sitting on the tip of a flat bench with the ends of the dumbbells resting in your knees. And also you’ll slowly lay again on the bench.
    3. You’ll then push the dumbbells straight up above your chest. Make sure that your palms are dealing with your shoulders.
    4. Then slowly decrease the dumbbells to chest top, and maintain for one second earlier than elevating the dumbbells again to beginning place. That is one rep.
    5. Repeat motion for desired reps.

    Greatest rep vary and weight: In the event you actually need to hit the medial head exhausting, use a lighter load and purpose for 10-20 reps. Nonetheless, this train could be efficient within the 6-12 rep vary as effectively. 

    3. Reverse Grip Ground Press

    This easy and extremely efficient shoulder-friendly urgent variation helps to construct mass and power in your triceps. The ground press focuses on the tip vary of chest presses (bench press) which is when the triceps are most lively. It’s typically finished to enhance lockout power and to hone in on tricep improvement. The reverse grip merely means that you can alter how the triceps are hit (i.e. medial head). 

    This train can be good for these with shoulder points because it has a restricted vary of movement. The shoulder joint often has probably the most stress on the backside vary throughout a bench press. 

    Right here’s methods to carry out the reverse grip ground press:

    1. You’ll start by positioning your self on the ground beneath the barbell. Your eyes must be beneath the bar, and your legs could be straight or bent. (just like laying on the bench to do a bench press)
    2. Now grip the bar along with your palms dealing with in the direction of your head and pull your elbows in the direction of the torso. The again of your arms must be touching the ground. That is the beginning place.
    3. Push your arms straight to drive the load up till your elbows are totally prolonged. Don’t elevate your shoulders off the ground. Consider pushing your physique deeper into the ground.
    4. Then carry your elbows again down, pausing on the backside earlier than doing one other rep. This pause helps to extend stability and management and maximize contraction. Make sure that you’re sustaining pressure and power all through the complete elevate.

    Greatest rep vary: 8-20 reps.

    4. Palm Out Bench Dip

    This is likely to be a body weight, however that is an efficient train for any health degree concentrating on the triceps. By merely positioning your palms otherwise, you’ll be able to emphasize the medial head. The actions on this train will assist to enhance the general conditioning whereas additionally rising the power in your core and higher physique.

    Right here’s methods to carry out the palm out bench dip:

    1. Start by sitting down on a bench along with your palms subsequent to your thighs. Simply as you’ll carry out a standard bench dip, however flip your palms in order that they’re aligned horizontally with the bench.
    2. Then start strolling your ft out till your legs are prolonged and lifting your backside off of the bench, and your arms shall be prolonged.
    3. Hinging on the elbow, start reducing your physique down so far as you’ll be able to go. Your arms will kind a 90-degree angle.
    4. The push up by means of your palms again to the beginning place. That is one rep.
    5. Repeat for the specified reps and units.

    Greatest rep vary: Carry out 15-20 reps. In case you are discovering 20-25 reps too simple, then you’ll be able to place a weight plate or dumbbell in your lap so as to add resistance, moderately than doing countless reps. 

    This tricep isolation train offers a deep stretch within the muscular tissues, making it an efficient train to construct mass and power. Stretching pressure is proven to be the extremely efficient for hypertrophy and power. It is not nearly contraction pressure when exercising.

    As for the muscle heads of triceps, this train is efficient for all three heads, and it does a superb job of maintaining the medial head extremely activated the complete time. 

    Right here’s methods to carry out the dumbbell tate press:

    1. Begin as if you’re about to carry out a DB bench press. Hold your ft firmly planted into the ground, core engaged, and pull your shoulder blades down.
    2. Start with the dumbbells positioned instantly above your shoulders (high of the bench press). Now bend your elbows to maneuver the ends of the dumbbells all the way down to your decrease chest. Make sure that you retain the triceps contracted and don’t calm down the muscular tissues even after they get to your chest.
    3. Remember to preserve management over the dumbbells and prolong your elbows to push the dumbbells again to the beginning place. That is one rep.
    4. You are able to do this in an alternating method or concurrently. 

    Greatest rep vary: 10-15 reps

    6. Reverse Grip JM Press

    The JM press is a compound train that can goal the triceps and work the pecs and delts. Not solely will this train improve the general measurement and power of your triceps, however it’s going to additionally assist to extend the quantity of weight you place in urgent variations such because the bench press and overhead press.

    This can be a nice all-around tricep train, and one which retains the medial head activated to a excessive diploma.

    Right here’s methods to carry out the JM press:

    1. Lie again on a bench and grasp the barbell about shoulder-width aside with palms and your thumbs wrapped across the bar.
    2. Unrack the bar. Along with your arms totally prolonged overhead, tuck your elbow 45 levels out of your sides in the direction of your ft.
    3. Now start bending your elbows and reducing the bar in the direction of your chin/neck with management till your forearms and biceps contact.
    4. Then explosively prolong your elbows. That is one rep.

    Greatest rep vary: 8-12 reps

    7. Cable Focus Extension (Reverse Grip)

    The cable focus triceps extension means that you can practice aspect at a time, thus ironing out muscle imbalances. Total, it is an ideal tricep train because it hits all three heads very successfully, and it does place extra pressure on the medial head tricep than another tricep workouts. That is a type of workouts that you just do with full mind-muscle connection, actually specializing in sluggish and managed reps with most vary of movement and pressure. 

    Use an underhand grip to extend the medial head activation much more!

    Right here’s methods to carry out the cable focus extension:

    1. Start by attaching a single grip deal with to a excessive cable pulley.
    2. Seize the deal with along with your proper hand and kneel down. Make sure that your left knee is on the ground and your proper foot is planted on the ground.
    3. Along with your torso tall and erect, relaxation the again of your proper arm in your interior thigh, this shall be just like focus curls.
    4. Then, prolong your forearm down till your arm is straight, make certain that you’re flexing your tricep. Exhale by means of this portion of the train.
    5. Now slowly prolong your elbow till your forearm is parallel to the ground and inhale all through this portion of the train. That is one rep.
    6. Repeat for the specified variety of units and reps alternating arms between units.
    7. To your left hand, you’ll want to position your proper knee on the ground and your left foot planted on the ground.

    Greatest rep vary: 15-20 reps

    8. Cable Rope Pushdown (Impartial Grip)

    The cable rope tricep pushdown is alleged to be a lateral head train, as a result of it’s; nonetheless, EMG research present it’s nice for each the medial and outer heads. The truth is, the extent of activation among the many two for this train is sort of precisely the identical.

    Use excessive reps and you’ll actually exhaust and overload your medial head with this one.

    Right here’s methods to carry out the cable rope pushdown:

    1. Begin by attaching the rope attachment to the cable machine and seize the rope with an overhand grip.
    2. You’ll start with the ropes at your chest degree. And stand along with your ft barely aside.
    3. Tighten your abdominals and tuck your elbows, then inhale slowly and begin pushing down till your elbows are prolonged, maintaining your elbows near your physique whereas bending your knees.
    4. Remember to preserve your again straight in the course of the pushdown.
    5. Then exhale and return to the unique place. That is one rep.
    6. Repeat for the specified variety of units and reps.

    Greatest rep vary: 15-25 reps

    The cable overhead extension will hit all three heads, with emphasis on the lengthy head. Nonetheless, should you use a excessive rep vary and do not cheat in your reps (totally prolong), then your medial head will get some severe activation with this variation of the overhead cable machine tricep extension.

    Word: Dumbbell overhead extensions are simply as efficient because the cable machine. The primary distinction is the cable machine presents fixed resistance. You can even do both with one arm at a time to assist repair muscle imbalances between your stronger aspect. 

    Right here’s methods to carry out the cable with rope overhead extension:

    1. Start by connecting the rope attachment to the cable pulley on the lowest place.
    2. Then flip to face away from the cable pulley along with your ft shoulder-width aside, and each palms are holding the rope with palms dealing with inwards (impartial grip). Your elbows shall be bent along with your forearms touching your biceps behind your head. Really feel a superb tricep stretch on the backside.
    3. You’ll then prolong your elbows to carry your arms straight and the rope overhead. That is one rep.
    4. Repeat for the specified variety of units and reps.

    Greatest rep vary: 15-25 reps

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    10. Diamond Pushup

    In the event you’re seeking to construct your triceps, the diamond push up, aka triangle push up, is without doubt one of the finest tricep workouts, not to mention train for triceps medial head. It’s a tough motion that contributes to the horseshoe form that you just want. It targets each the lateral head and the medial tricep head sooner than any gymnasium machine can do. Much like the normal pushup, the slight change within the positions of your hand will improve the issue and alter the muscular tissues focused.

    Right here’s methods to carry out the diamond pushup:​​

    1. You’ll start by getting right into a pushup place. And kind a diamond on the ground along with your palms instantly below your chest.
    2. Remember to have your elbows at 45-degrees.
    3. Along with your again straight, squeeze your glutes and interact your core, after which slowly decrease your self in the direction of the bottom. Remember to preserve correct kind.
    4. Cease when your chest is sort of touching the ground, after which push again up with out flaring your elbows or arching your again. That is one rep.
    5. Repeat for the specified variety of units and reps.

    Greatest rep vary: Failure every set.


    Whereas not particularly a medial head exercise, as in each exercises under embody workouts to focus on all three heads successfully, they do embody the mandatory medial tricep workouts to make sure it’s correctly labored and activated.

    Exercise #1:

    1. Shut Grip Bench Press: 4 units of 8-6 reps.
    2. Overhead Rope Cable Extensions: 3 units of 10-15 reps.
    3. Straight Bar Cable Pushdowns: 3 units of 15-10 reps.
    4. Diamond Push Ups: 3 units to failure.

    Exercise #2:

    1. JM Presses: 4 units of 6-8 reps.
    2. Reverse Grip Cable Pushdown: 4 units of 8-10 reps.
    3. Cranium Crushers: 3 units of 10-20 reps.
    4. Cable Focus Extensions: 3 units of 8-10 reps.

    Are you able to bear in mind which of those triceps workouts goal the medial head?

    Medial Tricep Workouts

    Lateral Tricep Workouts

    Lengthy Tricep Workouts

    Reverse Grip Pushdown

    Overhand or Impartial Pushdown

    Triceps Parallel Dips

    Reverse Grip Bench Press

    Tricep Kickbacks

    Overhead Triceps Ext.

    Palm Out Bench Dip

    Focus Ext. Impartial Grip

    Shut Grip Incline Bench/Flat

    Tate Press

    Bench Dips (Palms Ahead)

    Decline Push Ups

    Reverse Grip JM Press

    Triceps Parallel Dips

    Cranium Crushers

    Focus Ext. Reverse Grip

    Shut Grip Tricep Press Ups

    French Press

    Cable Rope Pushdown

    Decline Shut Grip Bench

    Bent-Over Tricep Kickbacks

    Overhead Ext. Impartial Grip

    Impartial Grip Cranium Crushers

    Overhand Pressdowns

    Triangle Push Ups

    Overhead Ext. Impartial Grip

    Straight Arm Pulldowns

    Listed below are some solutions to widespread questions in regards to the triceps and extra particularly the medial head of the tricep…

    The medial head just isn’t solely the smallest of the three heads, but it surely additionally has the least development potential. Each the lateral head and the lengthy head have nice development potential, and most of your time must be spent on concentrating on them if you’d like to attain stronger and larger arms. However do not let the medial head fall by the wayside because it performs an vital function within the total look and power of the triceps. It’s liable for power and stability on the elbow, which aids in lifting extra weight and the potential for extra vital development as a result of it assists each the lateral and lengthy head.

    It won’t develop as massive as the opposite two heads, however a developed medial head will assist to stabilize your elbow and supply your arm with the specified proportional look.

    What are the advantages of strengthening the medial head of the triceps?

    Consider the medial head because the glue of your triceps and elbow. This provides you with the angle of how vital the medial head is for triceps power and mass. When your medial head is powerful, you’ll be able to get hold of extra development potential for the opposite two heads.

    Listed below are a number of the advantages to strengthening your medial head tricep:

    • Offers elbow stability.
    • Helps create the horseshoe muscle aesthetic.
    • Will increase endurance for compound workouts.
    • Aids within the development of the opposite tricep heads. 

    What’s the finest rep vary and weight load for the tricep medial head?

    The medial head consists of a better ratio of kind I muscle fibers (slow-twitch). These slow-twitch muscle fibers require greater rep ranges to get stronger and develop. So the perfect approach to overload your medial head tricep is with excessive rep ranges – round 15-30 reps. It would be best to use a load that challenges you (brings you to or close to failure) in these excessive rep ranges when specializing in medial head tricep workouts. 

    Word: you will need to combine issues up and use heavier hundreds and decrease reps too. That is the way you construct a well-balanced muscle for power and measurement. 5-30 reps is a viable vary for the triceps as a complete.

    When doing a tricep exercise, spend about 40% of the units on lengthy head centered workouts, 40% on lateral head centered workouts, and 20% medial head. So, should you do 10 units, that is 4 for the lengthy head, 4 for the lateral head, and a pair of for the medial head. 

    Whenever you place your arms overhead, which places your shoulder joint at 180˚, you’ll stretch your lengthy head. This stretch places pressure in your lengthy head, which implies the lengthy head shall be emphasised. As such, workouts like the overhead tricep extension and cranium crusher are finest for the lengthy head.

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    Methods to goal the lateral head tricep?

    The lateral head is finest focused with an overhand grip or hammer grip, and elbows on the sides. For instance, cable rope extensions, overhand straight bar pushdowns, and bench/parallel dips. 

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    As for units, it is determined by in case you are a newbie, intermediate or superior. Usually talking, 8-20 units for the triceps per week is good.

    In fact, the variety of units and reps shall be decided based mostly in your health journey and objectives, however right here is a good start line:

    • Learners: ~10 units per week.
    • Intermediate: ~15 units per week.
    • Superior: ~20+ units per week.

    Keep in mind, you will additionally cut up these units up based mostly on the tricep head emphasis: 40% lengthy head, 40% lateral, and 20% medial. Once more, all three triceps shall be activated it doesn’t matter what, and a number of the lengthy and lateral head workouts will truly be lengthy/medial and lateral/medial or a mixture of the opposite two. However, that is simply the overall emphasis. 

    You can take the overall weekly units and cut up them up into 2-3 exercises. However, this is determined by your exercise cut up. Additionally, think about the compound workouts that concentrate on the triceps too (i.e. bench press and overhead press) as these rely in the direction of your whole units. 

    What tricep workouts work all 3 heads finest?

    There may be almost an countless provide of nice medial head tricep workouts that can assist in constructing power and mass in your arms. However in the case of concentrating on all three heads of the triceps, it’s best to implement compound actions, just like the shut grip bench press. These workouts embody:

    • Shut grip bench press
    • Barbell JM press
    • Cranium crushers
    • Weighted tricep dips on parallel bar

    The search for the final word triceps train has been a subject of a lot debate amongst health lovers. Whereas there is not a one-size-fits-all reply, one train persistently stands out as a powerhouse for triceps improvement: the close-grip bench press.

    The close-grip bench press is famend for its capability to activate and interact all the tricep heads successfully. By narrowing your grip on the barbell, you place larger emphasis on the triceps, making them work tougher in the course of the motion. This train additionally recruits secondary muscular tissues just like the chest and shoulders, additional enhancing higher physique power and definition.

    The close-grip bench press presents a spread of variations and permits for progressive overload, making it adaptable to totally different health ranges. Whether or not you are a newbie seeking to kickstart triceps development or an skilled lifter aiming for brand spanking new peaks of power, this train could be tailor-made to fit your wants.

    Keep in mind, whereas the close-grip bench press is the most effective triceps workouts, incorporating quite a lot of triceps actions into your routine can present complete improvement. So, embody this powerhouse train in your arsenal, however do not forget to combine it up with different efficient triceps workouts to maximise your positive aspects.


    There’s little doubt that every tricep head performs an vital function in creating robust, well-defined arms. There isn’t any upper-body exercise that’s full with out concentrating on your triceps for power and muscle development.

    When you perceive methods to work every tricep head with sure workouts, arm positions, and grip positions, you’ll create the perfect improvement of the triceps.

    • When your elbows are at your aspect, use a reverse grip to emphasise the medial head.
    • You’ll need to use greater repetitions and decrease weight hundreds when concentrating on the medial head.
    • Goal for 10-20 units of triceps per week, with round 20-25% emphasizing the medial head. Ideally you need to cut up these units into a number of coaching days.

    By including the triceps medial head workouts on this article to your triceps exercise routine, you’ll improve the soundness of your elbow and assist in optimum power and an total enchancment of the scale of your triceps and higher arms. This can enhance many different areas of your health as effectively, akin to any massive urgent motion.

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