Are you fascinated about taking over yoga however don’t know the place to start out? Have you ever at all times wished to strive yoga however really feel intimidated by all of the pretzel-like positions? We’ve bought you lined with this 30 days yoga problem!

This newbie’s information to yoga provides you with every part it’s worthwhile to know to get began in your yoga journey.

Yoga is an historic follow that originates from India. It’s a system of bodily and psychological workouts that had been developed to advertise well being and well-being.

Yoga relies on the idea that the thoughts and physique are related, and that by practising yoga, we are able to obtain stability and concord in our lives.

There are various various kinds of yoga, however for the aim of this problem, we will probably be specializing in Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a delicate type of yoga that’s good for learners.

What’s Hatha Yoga?

The phrase “hatha” will be translated as “forceful,” which could provide the unsuitable impression about this comparatively slow-paced and mild type of yoga.

Nevertheless, the purpose of Hatha yoga is to not obtain most bodily exertion however quite to make use of the physique as a device for reaching psychological and religious well-being. 

Hatha yoga is a sort of yoga that focuses on bodily postures (asanas) and respiratory workouts (pranayama).


The phrase “asana” means “pose” in Sanskrit, and there are a whole lot of asanas that may be carried out for quite a lot of functions.

Some asanas are designed to extend flexibility, whereas others assist to enhance stability or construct energy.

In recent times, asanas have turn out to be more and more widespread within the Western world as a type of mind-body train.

Whereas a couple of asanas will be carried out with none particular gear, most require the usage of a yoga mat or different props.

Asanas will be carried out alone or in teams, and they are often practiced at any time of day.


Pranayama is an historic yogic follow that entails the management of breath.

The phrase pranayama is derived from two Sanskrit phrases: ‘prana’, which implies life pressure or vitality, and ‘ayama’, which implies management or regulation.

There are various various kinds of pranayama, however all contain the deliberate regulation of breath.

Usually, pranayama is practiced by way of a mix of inhalation, exhalation, and retention of breath.

This may be finished by way of the nostril or mouth, and the period of every stage can fluctuate relying on the precise follow.

Pranayama is assumed to have a number of advantages, together with improved lung operate, diminished stress and nervousness, and elevated focus and focus.

Moreover, some imagine that pranayama may also help to stability the physique’s vitality ranges and promote total well being and well-being.

Fundamental Hatha Yoga Poses for Newcomers

When you’re new to yoga, begin by familiarizing your self with some primary hatha yoga poses. Listed below are a couple of easy poses which are good for learners: 

Asana Poses

Don’t fear, we received’t be doing any superior poses that require years of coaching. We’ll follow some primary asanas which are good for learners. 

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Mountain pose is without doubt one of the most simple yoga asanas, however don’t let that idiot you—it’s additionally some of the essential.

This pose helps to enhance your posture and alignment whereas additionally strengthening your legs, knees, and ankles.

To carry out mountain pose, merely stand together with your ft hip-width aside and your arms at your sides. Ensure that your weight is evenly distributed between each ft and take a deep breath in.

As you exhale, think about your self rooted into the bottom like a mountain. Maintain this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute after which launch. 

Downward-Going through Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward-facing canine is without doubt one of the most well-known yoga asanas on the market. It’s typically used as a resting pose in between different, tougher poses.

This pose helps to stretch your hamstrings, shoulders, calves, and arms whereas additionally strengthening your legs and arms.

To get into downward-facing canine, begin on all fours together with your arms positioned instantly below your shoulders and your knees below your hips.

As you exhale, raise your knees away from the ground and straighten your legs. On the identical time, press down into your arms to raise your hips up towards the ceiling. You must now be in an inverted “V” form.

Maintain this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute earlier than returning to all fours and repeating on the opposite aspect. 

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

Warrior I is a strong yoga asana that helps to enhance stability whereas additionally strengthening your legs, ankles, again, and arms.

This pose will get its identify from Virabhadra—a warrior who was created by Shiva out of a lock of his hair—and it represents energy and braveness.

To do that pose accurately, begin by standing together with your ft hip-width aside earlier than taking a big step ahead with one leg whereas retaining the opposite leg planted firmly on the bottom behind you.

Bend your entrance knee till it reaches a 90-degree angle whereas ensuring that your again leg stays straight with its heel urgent down into the ground behind you.

Subsequent attain each of your arms up overhead together with your palms pressed collectively earlier than wanting up towards the ceiling.. Maintain this pose for 30 seconds earlier than releasing and repeating on the other aspect.. 

Pranayama Poses

Pranayama is a sort of respiratory train that’s typically utilized in yoga. There are various various kinds of pranayama, every with its personal advantages. 


Kapalabhati is one sort of pranayama that helps to cleanse the lungs and enhance respiratory operate.

To do that train, merely exhale forcefully by way of the nostril whereas drawing the abdomen in. Then, inhale deeply and chill out the abdomen muscle tissues. Repeat this course of for 10-Quarter-hour. 

Anuloma Viloma

Anuloma Viloma is one other sort of pranayama that helps to calm the thoughts and scale back stress ranges.

To do that train, sit in a cushty place together with your backbone straight. Place your proper hand in your left nostril and your left hand in your proper knee.

Shut your proper nostril together with your thumb and inhale deeply by way of your left nostril. Then, shut your left nostril together with your ring finger and exhale by way of your proper nostril.

Repeat this course of for 10-Quarter-hour. 

The 30 Days Yoga Problem

For the subsequent 30 days, we problem you to do at the very least Quarter-hour of Hatha yoga daily. That’s it! Simply Quarter-hour.

We all know that life will be hectic, so in the event you can’t do a full hour of yoga, don’t fear – simply Quarter-hour will do the trick. And in the event you miss a day, no worries – simply decide again up the place you left off.

So what are you ready for? Get began in your 30 days of yoga at this time! Bear in mind, all you want is Quarter-hour – Namaste!

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All the time keep in mind that essentially the most troublesome a part of doing yoga is SHOWING UP. Ensure to point out up at this time and provides your finest to those workouts. You deserve it!

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