Is there any higher accent than robust, well-defined leg muscle tissue?

I am speaking in regards to the sort of well-built muscle tissue that look superb in your exercise shorts whereas indicating you may squat heavy weights with the perfect of them.

Sounds good, proper?

And for those who’re considering that appears like your #gymgoals, however you simply do not know the best way to obtain it together with your coaching, you could have come to the suitable place! This text not solely options two leg exercises geared towards ladies, however additionally it is going to debate the best way to do every train, together with the important thing parts all women’ leg exercises ought to have.

In case your subsequent leg day exercise is arising and also you’re uninterested in not getting outcomes, issues are about to vary.

Let’s get into the perfect leg exercises immediately! I’ve included two periods right here, which you must do in the identical week, with a number of days in between so you may successfully relaxation your leg muscle tissue.




Again Squat



Barbell Hip Thrust



Romanian Deadlift



Goblet Squat/Plie Squat



Leg Press



Glute Kickback






Again Squat



Barbell Hip Thrust



Bulgarian Cut up Squat



Single Leg Deadlift



Strolling Lunges



Leg Abduction



Calf Increase



If muscle hypertrophy is your purpose, run these leg exercises twice per week, every session as soon as per week. Do not forget that the farther you get into your exercise, merely coaching to failure turns into extra vital than being particular with what weight you employ.

All you must do is be persistent, specializing in progressive overload and including weight as you go. It is essential to essentially focus on the primary workouts of your exercise. So long as you do that, you’ll enhance.

Additional, this will act as a template for additional leg exercises for girls. All you must do is swap some workouts round every now and then. For instance, after you run this program for 8-12 weeks, swap the strolling lunge for a reverse lunge to maintain issues recent.

Let’s briefly go over the most important muscle teams that you will be focusing on in your leg exercises.

  • The hamstrings are a set of three muscle tissue that sit on the again of the higher thigh. All three hamstrings cross the knee joint making them your major knee flexor. Nonetheless, one additionally crosses your hip joint, making it a necessary muscle in hip extension. You may see each of those actions in the perfect hamstring workouts.
  • Your glutes encompass three massive muscle tissue that sit in your buttocks. These three muscle tissue are the physique’s powerhouse and are concerned in nearly each motion within the decrease physique, in addition to hip extension. Examples of fine glute workouts embody hip thrusts, step-ups, and the deadlift.
  • Your quadriceps consists of 4 muscle tissue on your higher thigh. All 4 quadriceps muscle tissue cross the knee joint, making them the physique’s major leg extensors. One quadriceps muscle additionally crosses the hip and acts as a hip flexor. A few of the finest quad workouts embody the barbell again squat, break up squat, and Bulgarian break up squat.
  • The calf is a smaller group of muscle tissue that sit on the again of your decrease leg. Its major job is ankle dorsiflexion, which is if you level your toes. This muscle is significant because it’s chargeable for propelling the physique ahead each step we take, together with leaping and touchdown. Do not forget your calf workouts!

    It is time to go over step-by-step instructions for every of the perfect leg workouts for girls. It will embody the entire lower-body workouts I imagine are required to satisfy all of the wants of a lady’s leg exercise.

    The again squat is the muse of your decrease physique exercises. It is the king of leg workouts, hitting all main muscle teams. As well as, you may also place a heavy load on the muscle tissue.

    Mixed, this implies the squat train targets the leg muscle tissue so effectively that for those who have been going to select only one train to your decrease physique, it ought to be this.

    Though the squat is technically a lower-body train, you’ll really feel it in your whole physique. That is very true for the again and core because it should brace onerous to help the burden.

    Methods to do the Again Squat:

    • Rack a barbell on a squat rack on the acceptable peak. You do not need it to be so low that you must kneel excessively, however you additionally do not wish to should get in your tippy toes.
    • Place the barbell on the center of your again with arms wider than shoulder-width. The precise distance will range for everybody however use what’s snug for you. Use an overhand grip.
    • Unrack the barbell and take two steps backward.
    • Place your ft flat and barely wider than hip-width aside. Whereas on this standing place, you keep “delicate knees.” That is when you do not essentially maintain your knees bent however do not absolutely lock out.
    • Tighten your core and start the descent by pushing your hips again. Your major purpose is to have the barbell drop down in a straight line.
    • As you push again, ensure your knees keep consistent with your ft. Proceed till you’re on the backside of your squat place.

      Barbell hip thrusts are virtually universally agreed upon as the perfect leg train to your glutes¹.

      It is a bit of a singular motion because it’s technically a single-joint train (the hips), however it permits a substantial quantity of weight. This makes it the one single-joint train that acts as a most important train, as that normally goes to compound workouts.

      Regardless, in order for you a shapely rear finish, you could commonly put barbell hip thrusts in your leg exercise.

      Methods to do Barbell Hip Thrusts:

      • Arrange a bench to help your again. In case you want it or really feel extra snug, you may place it in opposition to a wall.
      • Sit in entrance of the bench together with your knees bent. It’s best to have your ft hip-width aside, and your knee bent. Your shin ought to be vertical together with your ft flat on the bottom.
      • Place a loaded barbell in your torso in order that it sits in your hip crease. You should use your arms to assist stabilize the barbell if wanted.
      • Let your hips drop till your butt touches the bottom. Powerfully lengthen your hips up till your hips are straight.
      • So as to add some variation, prioritize one leg. For instance, focus on driving your left heel down for the left leg after which the suitable heel for the suitable aspect.


        I like the leg press machine, and it is principally the one machine-based train I make the most of constantly. One of many causes I exploit it a lot is due to its versatility. Whereas it is a single machine, you may alter the muscle activation by altering your foot place.

        Additional, you may place your ft nearer collectively and low for extra quadriceps activation or put your ft wider than hip-width and excessive for extra posterior work.

        A number of ft placement choices embody: hip-width aside with toes barely bent out, ft excessive and wider than shoulder width with toes barely bent out, and ft slim and excessive.

        Methods to do the Leg Press:

        • Set the pad for the leg press to your required peak. I favor a primary 90-degree angle or a barely extra open one. In case you have the selection, you may modify as wanted.
        • Place each ft hip-width aside on the pad. Once more, you may make it wider or narrower.
        • Preserve your ft flat on the footrest and unrack the burden. Earlier than you start, modify your beginning place as wanted. Nonetheless, all the time maintain a slight bend in your knees. Holding your knees delicate will forestall the potential for hyper-extending your knee.
        • Let the sled come down towards your chest whereas protecting your knees consistent with your toes. Come down so far as attainable, then drive your ft upward.
        • Don’t let your butt come off the pad in the course of the motion.

          Whereas I like doing conventional deadlifts, if I might solely decide one for model, my decide is the Romanian deadlift. That is primarily as a result of the Romanian deadlift can elicit muscle activation within the glutes and hamstrings².

          Additional, due to the biomechanics of the Romanian deadlift, you don’t want to make use of as heavy a load, which is usually a big plus, notably in case your weight choice is proscribed.

          Nonetheless, do not let this idiot you into considering the train is straightforward. As they isolate the hamstrings and glutes extra, they may evoke a a lot stronger burn. Additional, they’ll practice all the posterior chain.

          Professional Tip: When performing Romanian deadlifts, I like to make use of a mind-muscle connection and concentrate on muscle contraction.

          Methods to do the Romanian Deadlift:

          • You may select to both use dumbbells or barbells, however I like utilizing dumbbells, so that is what I am specializing in for these instructions. Select a pair of dumbbells and seize them with a impartial grip and stand with ft hip-width aside and toes identified in a straight line.
          • Let the dumbbells grasp naturally down the entrance of your legs.
          • Start the motion by dropping your torso and letting it fall ahead. Preserve your knees barely bent all through the motion. You desire a minimal bend to permit your torso to drop whereas protecting a impartial backbone. To assist accomplish this, pull your shoulder blades to maintain your scapula retracted.
          • Proceed dropping your torso whereas attempting to construct pressure within the hamstrings. There isn’t any minimal distance, however your arms ought to be capable of drop to shin stage.
          • When you get to a spot the place your type is about to interrupt, you’ll carry out the next actions concurrently: pull your hips ahead, squeeze glutes, and push your ft down (in order for you extra quadriceps activation.
          • Proceed the above actions till you are again within the standing place.

            I like strolling lunges as they supply a singular stimulus in contrast to different workouts. That’s, they require extra activation out of your decrease physique stabilizer muscle tissue.

            Additional, the lunge is among the few leg workouts that happen with movement. Get able to really feel the burn!

            Methods to do Strolling Lunges:

            • Your beginning place shall be your regular standing place with ft shoulder width aside (or barely wider).
            • Begin the motion by taking one big step out together with your proper foot. It should take a while to seek out the right distance for you. Subsequently, earlier than you begin your set, take time to get a really feel for the motion.
            • To do that, you must get into the lunge place. Your proper leg’s shin (ahead leg) ought to be vertical, whereas the highest of the quad ought to be parallel to the ground. The quadriceps of your left leg (rear leg) ought to be vertical, whereas its shin ought to be parallel to the bottom.
            • As soon as you are feeling snug, you may start the motion. Take a large step ahead and are available straight down into the lunge place. Drop and let your knee barely contact the bottom, then push your self again up. Change legs and repeat.

              Ouch. Women, your quads have by no means damage so good.

              The Bulgarian break up squat is a break up squat that is carried out with the rear leg raised. This not solely locations all your physique weight on the entrance leg however the physique can be pushed farther ahead.

              Until you’ve got already been utilizing these in your coaching program, carry out these unweighted first.

              Methods to do the Bulgarian Cut up Squat:

              • Discover an object that permits you to elevate your left foot off the bottom. A daily bench for bench urgent works wonderful. Place the highest of your left foot on the bench so it is about mid-way up the foot.
              • Preserve your different foot ahead. It ought to be a number of ft forward in order that your again leg is prolonged at about 75%. Remember to have your proper foot flat, and your toes pointed ahead.
              • Drop straight down till your again knee touches the bottom, or your proper leg bends beneath a 90-degree angle. Energy again up by driving your proper leg down. Preserve your torso upright for all the motion.

                The goblet squat is a good leg finisher. I like to make use of excessive reps towards the tip of a session to burn my legs out. It is easy to do but extremely efficient. The explanation it is known as a “goblet” squat is since you maintain a dumbbell together with your arms cupped, which appears like a goblet.

                Aside from being an efficient leg finisher, it hits the core onerous. As you are holding the burden excessive in your chest, the burden will wish to pull you ahead, just like a entrance squat.

                Methods to do the Goblet Squat:

                • Seize one reasonably heavy dumbbell. You need one that enables 8+ reps.
                • Maintain the dumbbell by inserting your forearms collectively in entrance of your chest with the heels of your arms touching.
                • Cup your arms which is able to maintain the top. The underside a part of the dumbbell will grasp down in between your forearms.
                • Stand with ft hip-width aside and barely turned out. Start squatting down, however you’ll maintain your torso upright to offset the steadiness. In case you do not, you can be pulled ahead.
                • Come all the best way down till the highest of your thighs break parallel. Energy your physique again up.

                  This can be a squat variation that is similar to the goblet squat. It is also similar to a sumo squat, besides you employ dumbbells. As you practice your legs two occasions per week, you’ll alternate the goblet squat and plie squat.

                  The first distinction is that you’ll use a stance with ft wider than shoulder size. The truth is, you’ll stand about 1.5-2 occasions the space of an everyday squat place.

                  You then flip your toes out and externally rotate your thighs, which is able to nail the interior thighs.

                  Methods to do the Plie Squat:

                  • You should use one dumbbell or two. Place the dumbbell(s) between your legs and take your extensive stance. Bear in mind, your ft are turned out, and your thighs are rotated, so your left knee and proper knee level out.
                  • Seize the dumbbells with each arms and allow them to grasp down in the course of your legs.
                  • Sit down and let your hips drop. Your hips could have much less movement backward as your legs are unfold. Preserve your torso upright, just like the goblet squat. Drop all the best way down till 90 levels, then come up.

                    The leg abduction train targets the glutes, particularly the gluteus medius. The outer muscle on the glutes creates that rounding impact you are looking for.

                    While you carry out these, your major concern is getting in reps and coaching to or close to failure. You may both use a cable machine for this transfer or a leg abduction machine.

                    Methods to do Leg Abduction:

                    • Set a cable on the lowest setting and join an ankle attachment. Begin together with your proper leg, that means you may connect the cable to your proper ankle. Get in your beginning place, standing, so the cable runs throughout your physique. Your left foot ought to be close to the cable whereas the suitable foot is away.
                    • Transfer away to get out all of the slack. Let the cable draw your proper leg throughout your physique whereas your left foot stays planted.
                    • Now swing your proper leg throughout so it crosses your physique after which swings upward. Come down slowly.

                      The glute kickback is one other cable train that isolates the hamstrings and glutes. It will merely use hip extension to kick the leg again.

                      Once more, it is a easy train that is very efficient. Like leg abduction, concentrate on getting excessive reps and coaching to or close to failure.

                      Methods to do the Glute Kickback:

                      • Set a cable on the bottom setting and use an ankle attachment. Stand again to tug out the slack with each ft hip-width aside.
                      • Select a leg to begin with (we’ll say the suitable leg). Holding your left leg planted, slowly kick your proper foot again, protecting your leg prolonged. Pull way back to you may till you attain your max. Subsequent, enable your proper foot to maneuver ahead, gradual, and managed. Repeat as essential.
                      • Don’t set your foot down between reps, at the very least at first.

                        The wonderful thing about the calf elevate is you may play with totally different foot positions, together with pointing ahead or ft turned out or turned in.

                        You can even alternate between utilizing a standing calf elevate and a seated calf elevate in your exercises.

                        Methods to do the Calf Increase:

                        • Sit down or stand on the calf elevate machine and modify as essential.
                        • In case you’re sitting, place the entrance a part of your foot on the foot pads and knees beneath the knee pads. For both machine, elevate the burden to unrack the burden.
                        • Enable the burden to return down by permitting your heels to drop. Then slowly, elevate the load by performing dorsiflexion.
                        • Come up as excessive as you may in your toes and maintain.

                          So, what precisely makes an excellent leg exercise for girls? These 4 options.

                          I imagine everybody must have some coaching with heavier hundreds. Increasingly more analysis has proven that heavier hundreds present advantages not seen with lighter weights³.

                          A few of these advantages embody:

                          • Higher power positive factors
                          • Stronger bones
                          • Improved neuromuscular management

                            Additional, in power coaching, “heavy” has a particular that means. The phrase is usually thrown round rather a lot to imply something difficult. In actuality, “heavy” refers to utilizing hundreds equal to or better than 85% 1RM.

                            I am making a broad assumption right here, however a ladies’s exercise ought to have extra emphasis on the glutes and higher thighs. That is solely as a result of these areas are of specific curiosity to most girls.

                            So long as you are together with your major leg workouts and massive compound lifts, I feel giving sure areas particular consideration is completely acceptable.

                            As talked about above, heavy hundreds can strengthen bones.

                            The extreme weight causes a slight bend within the bone that causes tiny holes. While you go residence and eat the right vitamins (vitamin D and calcium!), these holes are crammed with bone mobile materials often known as osteoblasts. As soon as repaired, you could have a thicker, stronger bone.

                            That is important for girls as they’re extra liable to osteoporosis as they age.

                            Free weights create better activation within the stabilizer muscle tissue resulting from a better have to help the limbs. When speaking about leg workouts, this implies your outer and interior thighs, such because the gluteus medius.

                            This muscle sits in your outer thigh, which suggests you’ll have better activation within the bother space. As well as, free weights create a better demand on the belly muscle tissue and all the core.

                            Do not make your coaching extra complicated than it must be. An incredible leg exercise for girls is one that features the perfect leg workouts there are and focuses on progressive overload.

                            A number of closing items of recommendation: Do not be afraid to carry heavy as that is what will construct your main leg muscle teams. Additionally, consistency is vital.

                            Consider weight coaching as one thing you are in for the lengthy haul. Positive factors and muscle definition will occur, however to ensure that them to happen, you must hit the weights onerous each single coaching session.

                            Women, searching for extra nice exercises? Take a look at our articles on the Finest Exercise Packages For Girls and the Finest Exercise Splits For Girls!


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